When Does The Compressor Need AC Repair Services?

Is your AC not working up to your expectations? The compressor is one of the top suspects for an AC failure. This component compresses the refrigerant from a gaseous state to a liquid form. In the process, the refrigerant releases the heat collected from the house. When the compressor fails, the system may not cool the air sufficiently, which can lead to discomfort and increased energy costs. What are some of the compressor problems that require air conditioning repair services?

1. Power Problems 

The compressor is an electrical device, so it is dependent on an energy supply. When power problems occur, the compressor may not start, or shut off unexpectedly and stop working. The most common power problem is a tripped circuit breaker, which is easily resolved. However, more serious power problems require the attention of an AC electrical technician.

2. Clogged Suction Lines    

Two suction lines run from the outdoor unit to the indoor coils. These lines carry the refrigerant to the evaporator coils, where it cools the air being used in the house. Clogs can occur in these lines, leading to insufficient refrigerant flow and poor cooling results. If the lines are clogged, they can be cleaned with a special cleaner or replaced if the damage is extensive.

3. Insufficient Refrigerant Charge   

As a refrigerant circulates throughout the system, it absorbs heat from the air in your house and then releases that heat into the outdoor unit. When there is not enough refrigerant, the compressor does not have enough material to work with. It also causes the system to strain because it can't keep up with cooling demands. An AC repair service can top up the refrigerant to restore an AC's normal function.

4. Contaminant Infiltration    

Debris can accumulate on the outdoor unit and clog up the system, including the compressor. This debris includes dust, leaves, mud, and bird droppings. You can prevent this by clearing the area around the outdoor unit. 

Air filters are essential for the compressor to function properly. They help prevent contaminants from entering the system and causing damage to the compressor. Filters should be regularly maintained, and if they become clogged, they should be replaced immediately. 

5. Inadequate Lubrication  

The compressor is a mechanical device that uses moving parts to compress the refrigerant and release heat. If the lubrication in these parts becomes insufficient over time, they can start to wear out and cause the compressor to fail. An AC technician will add lubricant to restore smooth movements.

Does your AC keep breaking down with high repair bills? Contact an AC repair service to diagnose faults, including compressor faults.