Asphalt Paving: Common Applications

Asphalt paving—which involves laying a gravel, sand, and crushed rock mixture on a particular surface—is very popular today. Most project owners prefer this paving solution because asphalt material is highly durable. It's also recyclable and more eco-friendly than most other alternatives. Besides, surfaces paved with asphalt have numerous qualities that boost their safety, including skid resistance and excellent drainage. If your interest in this type of paving is piqued, consider using it on any of the following projects:

1. Road construction

Road construction companies use asphalt to pave numerous surfaces, including roads and highways. Most experts do that because they believe asphalt is a superior sustainable material ideal for roadways. Plus, it is easier and quicker to maintain. Remember, a highway that is hard to maintain generally means unnecessary delays and traffic congestion when repairs and maintenance activities are underway. Moreover, asphalt roads are smooth. That is because pavers use rollers to push down the asphalt, which forces air bubbles out and helps a surface bind with the aggregate mix more effectively.

2. Airport Runway construction

If you've ever used an airport or airfield, you are likely familiar with the asphalt runways and aircraft handling areas common in these facilities. Asphalt is prevalent in many airfields, ranging from international airports used by some of the heaviest airliners to military airfields that house state-of-the-art jet aircraft. Stakeholders also choose this material when paving parking areas and taxiways. Asphalt paving is a common feature in airport construction because this material is strong. This quality lets it provide top-notch surfaces that withstand the high speeds at which airplanes land or takeoff. Not to forget, only a durable and robust paving material can accommodate the enormous forces exerted by heavy aircraft without crumbling prematurely.

3. Driveways and parking lots

Asphalt is among the best residential paving materials for driveways and parking lots. If you doubt that, consider this: unlike alternatives like gravel and concrete, asphalt paving doesn't quickly wash away or crack if water freezes around or on it. Moreover, an asphalt parking lot helps you keep your property clean by avoiding the mud and dirt that comes with gravel or grassy parking lots and driveways. Not to forget, asphalt is an economical material, making it ideal for all types of property owners, including those working with limited budgets.

Final Thoughts

Asphalt paving is an excellent choice for any project or property owner that needs durable, safe, cost-efficient, and relatively quiet surfaces. However, working with the right asphalt paving contractor is indispensable in enjoying pavements, roadways, parking lots, and runways with such outstanding features. Some of the qualities that help you identify a suitable construction company include competitive pricing, adequate experience, and impeccable reviews. Visit a construction contractor's website—like—for more information on your paving options.