Avoid These Common Gutter Mistakes

If your home's gutters are not in good condition, there is a strong chance that they will be far less effective at protecting the house against damage. Avoiding several of the more common gutter mistakes that homeowners make can be an important step for keeping your home as safe as possible from water damage due to roof runoff.

Ineffective Leaf Removal

Failing to remove leaves from the gutters is a mistake that can significantly reduce the ability of water to flow through them. Removing the leaves from the gutters every few months can help avoid clogs developing that could lead to the gutters overflowing. While it will not be possible to completely avoid the need to clean the gutters, there are gutter guards and screens that can be used to greatly reduce the amount of debris that enters the gutters. If your gutters were not made with these attachments, it is still possible to have them added, but you will need to be sure to choose an option that is the right size to fit your gutter system.

Allowing Leaks To Go Unrepaired

As your gutters age, they may be prone to developing leaks. These leaks could lead to water running down the side of the house. Eventually, this may lead to rot or other water damage occurring. If the leak that has formed in the gutters is relatively small, it may be patched. Most often, these leaks will form at the joints of the gutters, and this can be among the easiest repairs to make as a repair provider may be able to replace the seals or apply a resin along the joint to stop the leak. Opting for seamless gutters can be one way of eliminating this potential source of leaks with your home's gutters.

Poor Positioning Of The Downspout

Placing the downspout too close to the house or angling it so that the water exiting it flows towards the home can be issues that may cause considerable erosion and increase the chances of water damage occurring to the foundation. To make sure that the downspout is depositing water a safe distance from your house, it can be a useful option to invest in downspout extenders. This will allow you to have far greater control over where the water from the gutters is deposited. Furthermore, these extenders will be an affordable upgrade that is easy to install for almost any type of gutter system. When you are installing these extenders, it is important to make sure the seal between the downspout and the gutter is tight so that water will not leak out.

Contact a contractor in your area if you have questions about your home's gutters