Can Small Cracks Weaken Your Home's Foundation?

If you find tiny, almost invisible cracks in your home's interior or exterior walls, call a repair company today. Many things cause foundational cracks to appear in your walls, including excess moisture. Even the soil beneath your home can cause cracks in your walls. Learn more about foundational damage and how you can repair the cracks in your walls below.

Why Do Cracks Form in Your Walls and Foundation? 

Your walls should be sound enough to hold up and support your home's frame for many years. However, outside forces, such as rain and heat, can crack or weaken your home's foundation over time. Although much of the damage can lie hidden beneath your home, some foundational damage can develop on the walls above the ground.

Foundational cracks can travel as they become worse. The cracks may be too fine or thin to notice right away. But as time goes by, the cracks can expand diagonally, horizontally, sporadically, or vertically along the exterior and interior walls of your home until they reach the doors, ceilings, and other structures of the house.

You can try to repair the strange, tiny cracks in your walls yourself. However, your repairs may only be temporary measures against the damage in your home. The best way to repair your cracked walls is to repair your home's ailing foundation.

What Do You Do About Foundational Cracks?

Contact a construction company or contractor to repair your home's walls and foundation in a timely manner. A professional will perform a detailed inspection of your foundation when they visit your home. The inspection looks for:

  • poorly graded soil
  • leaking plumbing fixtures
  • sinking cement or concrete beneath and around your home

If a contractor finds the unsettling conditions above, they'll offer a safe way to remedy them. The methods used by contractors may vary from situation to situation, but mudjacking may be an option for you. The process requires contractors to pour some type of liquid concrete beneath a sinking foundation. The concrete raises or lifts the foundation up so that it supports the home's walls better.

A contractor or company may use several other unique methods to raise your home and reinforce your walls, including piercing and underpinning. You can request additional information about your home's repairs when you contact a company for services.

Don't hesitate to contact a contractor or a foundation repair company for assistance in repairing your home's walls and foundation today.