Custom Cabinets For Your Children's Playroom

If your children are at an age where they would like to play independently, you may have decided to transform a spare bedroom into a playroom. Custom cabinets that are constructed of kid-friendly materials will provide ample space for toys, indoor recreational gear, and art supplies.

The Division Of Space

A contractor will need to know how much floorspace you intend on leaving within the room that will be transformed into a playroom. They will also need to know the amount of storage that is needed for the items that will be used within the room. Custom cabinetry includes cabinets that are anchored to walls and floor cabinets that can be moved around as needed.

You may want to have a mix of tall and short cabinets installed in the room. The taller cabinet can be used for floor games and other recreational gear that is long in length. Smaller cabinets can be used to store puzzles, soft toys, and figurines. If you decide that you would like to leave some toys out in the open for your children to enjoy, you may decide upon a cabinet setup that includes enclosed storage spaces and floating shelves.

Floating shelves can be used to break up the space where a series of cabinets will be displayed. Your contractor can install shelving that will be at a height that your children can reach. Books and a series of toys can be displayed on these shelves. The cabinets can be used to store the bulk of the items that will be used within the playroom.

Kid Friendly Options

Choose some kid-friendly materials to have the cabinets constructed. Cabinets that contain washable veneer doors or a laminate coating will be resilient to paint, crayons, and other materials that could come into contact with the surface of each cabinet.

Your contractor may also suggest that you have cabinets constructed that will ultimately be covered with a washable paint product. A paint product like this can be added to wood and a variety of other cabinet materials. You can choose primary colors of paint or a solid color of paint that will mesh well with the decor that is going to be displayed within the playroom.

Child safety latches can be added to any cabinets that you would like to have supervision over. For instance, if you do not want your children dumping out puzzles that contain hundreds of pieces, you can store them inside cabinets that contain safety latches.

For help installing cabinets in your new playroom, contact a local cabinet contractor such as Gerald L Scott Custom Cabinetry.