An Overview of Commercial Foundation Repair Methods

Commercial buildings are essential assets for any business owner, and their maintenance is crucial to keep them in excellent condition. One of the critical aspects of commercial building maintenance is foundation repair, which can be daunting. However, with the professional help of commercial foundation repair contractors, you can ensure that the job is done right the first time. Learn about the common methods commercial foundation repair contractors use to repair commercial building foundations.

Piering Method

Piering is a common method commercial foundation repair contractors adopt to restore foundations whose underground soil has shown signs of settling. The method involves the installation of steel piers deep into the soil underneath the foundation to support the foundation and stabilize it. These piers are installed until they reach a more solid soil layer or bedrock. Commercial foundation repair contractors often recommend piering over other methods when the foundation has already started to move or has settled.

Underpinning Method

This method is useful when the foundation walls of a commercial building have moved inward. Commercial foundation repair contractors dig out the soil underneath the foundation and then install steel pins and brackets to support the foundation walls. This support then helps to counteract the foundation's previous movement.

Slabjacking Method

This method involves injecting a grout-like material underneath the slab to lift or level it. Commercial foundation repair contractors use this method when concrete slabs on the commercial building have become unlevel. The process requires drilling small holes in the slab and then adding the grout-like material, which expands and levels the slab. Slabjacking is a popular and cost-effective method for leveling large concrete slabs.

Soil Injection Method

Foundation repair companies use this method when the cause of foundation damage is due to shrinking or swelling in the soil. This shrinkage can occur due to weather conditions such as droughts or excessive wetness. A commercial foundation repair contractor will inject soil stabilizers into the soil around the foundation to mitigate the damage. This method helps to make the soil more stable and, in turn, stabilizes the foundation.

Carbon Fiber Method

Commercial foundation repair contractors often use carbon fiber reinforcing to repair walls that have been cracked or bowed. The method involves the application of carbon fiber strips to the damaged walls, bolted onto the wall's surface, and then sealed with epoxy for maximum strength and stability. The carbon fiber method is usually fast, with minimal disruption to the commercial building.

Commercial foundation repair is essential to prolong the lifespan of your commercial building. As a business owner, it's crucial to know the different methods commercial foundation repair contractors use. Having an understanding of these methods will allow you to make an informed decision regarding the repair of your commercial building foundation. For more information, contact a commercial foundation repair contractor near you.