The Advantages Of Choosing An Amish Pole Barn Over A Classically Framed Building

Pole barns are buildings that consist of poles pounded into the ground, plus metal or corrugated aluminum siding attached to those poles. These buildings do not have a foundation, and their framing is much simpler than that which you'd see used in a more classic building. In many areas, you can hire a company to build an Amish pole barn for you. But what are the advantages of this approach? Why would one choose a pole barn over a more classically built structure? Take a look.

They're less expensive

Pole barns can be used for all sorts of purposes. You can store your landscaping equipment in them. You can use them to hold your spare car, house animals, or store hay. You don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money on a building used for these purposes, and pole barns are quite a bit cheaper than other options. 

They can be built quickly

Pole barn construction is quite simple compared to other buildings. This is mainly because there is no foundation to pour and no hole to dig. Thus, a pole barn can be put up quickly. Some smaller pole barns can be built in a few days with a large enough crew. If you just need to get a building up as soon as possible, then a pole barn is the answer.

They are resistant to fire

Pole barns don't contain a lot of wood. The posts are wood, but the majority of the building is made from steel or aluminum. As such, these buildings are at a lower risk of fire than many other buildings. This makes them a good choice in areas where lightning storms are common, and on properties where you often have campfires and other fires going.

They're resistant to insect damage and rot

The other main problems that wood buildings often suffer are rot and termite damage. Both of these issues are minimized with pole barns since pole barns are largely made from metal. The wooden posts are protected because they are inserted into concrete in the ground. Usually, pressure-treated lumber is used because it's resistant to rot and termites. The rest of the building is metal.

If you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-construct building, then look for a company that builds Amish pole barns. They're versatile, resistant to a lot of the issues that come with wood buildings, and relatively easy to find.

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