Automatic Door Problems That Professionals Should Figure Out

If your building has automatic doors, they are important to keep them in great condition so that people can get in and out conveniently. If these doors ever give you the following issues, be sure to hire an automatic door repair company fast.

Misaligned Track

In order for your automatic doors to open and close, they'll rely on a track system. It keeps the doors properly aligned so that they don't bump into each other and cause damage. If this track ever gets out of alignment, it's best to hire an automatic door repair company.

They can get this track back in alignment in a controlled manner, without injury or further door damage taking place. They also know what a proper adjustment looks like, so you can be sure your automatic doors will work great again after the track system is restored.

Failed Motion Sensor

Automatic doors are able to open automatically because of their motion sensors. They pick up movement and thus activate the doors to open. If your automatic doors aren't working because this motion sensor has failed, reach out to an automatic door repair company.

They'll perform tests to see what caused this motion sensor to stop working completely. Maybe it's an electrical issue or the motion sensor isn't properly calibrated. Either way, you'll get a quick restoration so that you don't have to keep your building's operations at a standstill. This repair company can recondition the motion sensor too if it's really old and giving you chronic issues.

Slow-Moving Doors

Your automatic doors may be working, but they may not be opening and closing as fast as they should. That's generally a motor issue, but you can find out for sure if you work with a company that performs thorough assessments prior to completing a repair solution.

They'll check major components that affect the speed of these doors, including the track, motor, and sensor. Whatever is wrong with these parts causing speed issues, the repair company will find out and then lay out the best repair path that fits your budget.

If you notice problems with your automatic doors, it's important to respond to them quickly. That will keep complications contained and potentially save you a lot of money on repairs. Just make sure the initial assessment and subsequent repair are completed by a licensed automatic door repair company. Then actions will be completed with purpose.