Unique Features To Discuss A With Custom Home Builder To Future-Proof Your Residence

Constructing a custom home build requires you to make endless decisions. Not only are you in charge of determining the best layout for the new house, but your input is also required when selecting materials, finishes, and more. As such, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the decision process and task your custom home builder to take charge of all the logistics. While this may seem convenient, the reality is it may not result in a home that is uniquely yours. A better approach would be narrowing down essential features that would give your house character and eliminate the need for renovations down the road. To help you with that, the following piece compiles some unique features to discuss with a custom home builder to future-proof your new residence.

Opt for High Walls in the Basement

When you think of a basement, you likely envision a small, cramped space that is transformed into a makeshift laundry room, but this does not have to be the case. Instead, the basement can hold exponential potential, as long as you get the design of this room right the first time around. And one of the easiest ways of doing this is by opting for high walls, as these automatically make the space appear more spacious than it is, even with limited square footage. The higher the ceilings in the basement, the more open this space becomes. Consequently, transforming this area into a living space will be much easier down the road. For the best results, consider finishing the basement during the construction of your new home by installing insulation, epoxy flooring, and so on.

Install Portable Room Dividers Around the Home

A common feature in residential properties is multiple load-bearing walls inside the home. The reason behind this is homeowners assumed these internal walls were the only way to create separate living spaces around the home. While this approach is useful for privacy, it is not practical for homeowners that would want to enjoy an open floor pan from time to time. A better solution would be investing in the installation of portable room dividers. These partitions allow you to segregate the various parts of your home as needed but still have the flexibility to reconfigure your floor plan when you want to. For instance, you can use the room dividers to create an entertainment area and a dining room, but when hosting guests, you can move the partition to create a spacious living area.

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